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Fuaireamar an r-phost seo ónar mball Deirdre Ní Fhaoláin ar 1 Samhain 2006:  /  We received this email from our member Deirdre
Whelan on November 1, 2006:
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Notes of Interview of Anna Reilly Whelan by her daughter Deirdre       
October 6, 2006

The Philo-Celtic Society (PCS) met every Friday night at the 67th Street Opera House in Manhattan.  First Irish Language classes were held
for beginners, intermediates and advanced.  After the classes they had tea and cake and a céilí.  It was over by 11pm.  There was no going
out after 11pm!

(1)  Liam Penrose and wife and son Liam: the PCS gathered at their summer house, High Hill, outside Leeds in the Catskills.  Liam was from
West Meath and took Mom & Helen under his wing; Mom was from Trim/Summerhill, Co. Meath.  It was only Leeds then before there was an
East Durham.  The Penroses would pick up the members from the boat that came up the Hudson River and get off at Catskill or take the train
to Hudson.  They paid $12 a week room and board.  Mom said they all had a great time.  I have a little 3x3 photo of Mom and these PCS
friends on the lawn at that time before she met my father. Mom joined 1940, maybe late 1939.

(2) Eamon McVeigh, President of PCS would also go up to High Hill with his wife and daughter Deirdre (after whom I learned I was named).

(3) Two sisters:  one married Dermot Norton who was a piper in Clan Erin Pipe Band.  (My uncle Desmond, my father's brother, was the pipe
major.)  They had a little bungalow next to High Hill called the Sunburst.

(4) Brian Callendar was a member of Philo then, not a teacher; Mom remembers when he married.

(5) Dennis O'Keefe (Mom knew his wife.) Was then only 17; Mom doesn't remember his parents.  Dennis later lived in Bay Shore.

(6)  Mary Baron (friend of Helen, Mom's younger sister [deceased]) who was a PCS member and also a dancer.  Mary's brother was killed in

(8)  Bronx Gaelic League:  Family with 7 children; both husband and wife played instruments at Ceili's.

(9) One of last presidents of PCS of that era (in photo I gave Jerry Kelly in the spring) of PCS musicians, he is playing an accordion on stage
at ceili.  Former Philo Chairman (1993-1995) Séamus Ó Maoláin (Jim Mullin) was sitting next to Mom in the photo and playing accordion also.  
He was from the North.
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