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Scríobh Éibhlín bean Uí Cheallaigh an r-phost seo dónar mball (a mac) Eoghan Ó Ceallaigh ar 17 Samhain 2006.  / Lena Kelly
wrote this email to our member (her son) on November 17, 2006.

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(Queens), Bronx Gaelic League (Bronx), and New York Gaelic Society (Manhattan). We had céilís every Saturday night from September to
June and if there were 5 Saturdays in the month, the céilí was run by The Council of Gaelic Societies or An Fáinne. The Council ran a Feis in
Iona College every year.
I knew Brian Callendar and his sister Ita very well. They were Bronx members as Brian was a founding member of the BGLI. They came from
Dublin City and had a Travel Agency. I do not know any of the names you mentioned but May McManus was Treasurer back then. She had 2
daughters Emer and Eva. I do not remember who the President was even though I knew them all at that time. Philo was the first of the Gaelic
societies and applied to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. That is why they still march under the Philo Celtic banner...

Hope this is of some help.

Lena Kelly"
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