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STAIR 1959 - 1969
HISTORY 1959 - 1969
The Philo-Celtic Society
Ag obair ar son na Gaeilge ó 1872
Working on behalf of the Irish Language since 1872
Táimid ag cabhrú le
hathbheochan na Gaeilge ar
fud an domhain!!
We're helping with the
renaissance of the Irish
Language throughout the
Fuaireamar an r-phost seo ó Éadhmonn Ua Cuinn ar 7 Samhain 2005:  /  We received this email from Éadhmonn Ua Cuinn on
November 7, 2005:

Gearóid a Chara;  I was prompted to write when I saw the name of the Philo-Celtic Society, Cumann Carad na Gaedhilge,  what incredible
memories I have of Philo from 1959-1969 ....

My first encounter with the organization was in early 1959, when Ita Callendar told me of it's existence in the Long Island City Athletic Club in
Astoria.  Richard Barry from Tullamore was the Bun Rang teacher, with Seán Scannlon, and Seán Canning, and Brian Callendar watching over
our small but great group.  There was also Pat Noble, and as always the great Mc Niffs, Cyril and Joan, waiting to teach us the 7's and 3's, and
hammer Philo into a great dance troupe, against Rory O'Flaherty's Bronx Gaelic League, and what incredible musicians, the birth of the New
York Céilí Band,  Larry Redican, Paddy Reynolds, Andy Mc Gann, and so many more, we didn't know it at the time, but we were in Celtic
Heaven, and with dancers like the Butler Girls especially Sheila and Kathleen, and the O'Connell Girls from the Bronx, and the amazing Ceili's
at Vasa Temple,  It's all so heady now some 40 + years ago, but they gave us the spark to carry on so.  Go néirigh gach beannachtaidhe
orraibhse 's scriobh chomh luath, - Éadhmonn Ua Cuinn
Athbheochan na Gaeilge! /
Irish Language Renaissance!