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STAIR 1960í - 1970í
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The Philo-Celtic Society
Ag obair ar son na Gaeilge ó 1872
Working on behalf of the Irish Language since 1872
Táimid ag cabhrú le
hathbheochan na Gaeilge ar
fud an domhain!!
We're helping with the
renaissance of the Irish
Language throughout the
Fuaireamar an r-phost seo ó Phádraigín Uí Raghailligh ar 14 Aibreán 2006:  /  We received this email from Patricia Reilly on April
14, 2006:

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I was a member of Philo-Celtic in the 60's and 70's - actually until we were no longer to pay the rent in Astoria (Queens, New York).  We met in
the Long Island City Athletic Club off Broadway in Astoria.  Cyril McNiff taught the dancing, Richard Barry the language.

The Irish American Center in Mineola was very generous to us as we did our best to keep the Philo Celtic Society going.  We had a bit of
talent, musicians and dancers and we were given the IA to do our show "Impressions of Ireland".  This was a success and other groups hired
us to repeat the show.  We kept it up for about a year (I think) and used the money to pay the rent in Astoria.  It got too much and we started
losing people and finally gave up the ghost....  - Pat
Athbheochan na Gaeilge! /
Irish Language Renaissance!